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Hellaw Newgroundz >.>

2011-03-06 10:52:42 by YukiYao

So yea lolz... Hi

Ive been 4 a long time on dis site but never had an account... now i finnally do :D

For the moment, ill send some art pictures i made by hand and i scanned with my printer...
Ill see if i could do vids. If you know some programs that can help me anime, tell me. Id be pleased to try any program you say till i found the one good for me.

So yeah... also check out my Flipnote Hatena and my DeviantART IDs. Hey btw ill see if i can put my Flips on NG...
DeviantART ID: Hira-San
Flipnote Hatena ID: YuKiYao



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